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DQPSK Testing

Typical DQPSK Test Configuration with PatternPro Instruments

DQPSK (Dual Quadrature Phase Shift Keying) and DP-QPSK (Dual-Polarization QPSK) testing requires programmable multi-channel signals that may be phase aligned according to the requirements of the application. In addition, flexible test systems that accommodate drive signal requirements for components such as Mach-Zehnder LN modulator drivers help enable a wide range of testing that covers components, modules, and systems.

100G Ethernet
Typical DP-QPSK Test Configuration with PatternPro Instruments

The PatternPro line of instruments offers efficient and simple control of all of the parameters needed for QPSK testing, including channel-independent data patterns (user data or built-in PRBS), progammable data rate, adjustable signal parameters (amplitude, offset), and programmable phase/delay adjustments.