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Programmable Pattern Amps
Picosecond Pulse Labs introduces a new tool for advanced serial data testing, the Programmable Pattern Amplifier (PPA). The PPA is a complex module that integrates a DC coupled limiting amplifier hybrid with bias and digital control circuitry for programmable control of amplitude, offset, and crossing point.

This innovative and flexible product is designed to provide intrument grade performance in an economical and modular form. The PPA is capable of providing single-ended, differential, and multi-channel high-speed serial data test signals.

The PPA is available for purchase as single or multiple modules integrated into a LABware instrument (combines PPA modules, power supply, cooling, and USB interface).

These instruments come in several configurations. The Model 8020B contains either two, four, or eight PPA modules for use in single-ended or differential applictions. The base four channel Model 8020B integrates two 1:4 splitters, connections for a differential input signal (pos. and neg.), and taps for accessing each amplifier input separately.

Model 8020B LABware
Splitter with PPAs

Programmable Pattern Amplifier
(PPA) Bare Module

Model 8020B25Gbps20ps2.0Vsplitter with 2 or 4 diff channels

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