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Pattern Generators
Notice: The Picosecond PatternPro serial data test instruments are now the Tektronix PatternPro instruments. The most recent pattern generator product information may now be found on the Tektronix PatternPro pattern generator webpage. Quote requests should also now be made through the Tektronix website. If you have any questions regarding this transition, please do not hesitate to contact us.

SDG Model 12072
4-channel 32Gb/s Pattern Generator

ModelData RateOutput ChannelsOutput VoltageOutput WindowRisetimeJitt. Inser.SSCSpec
Model 1205012.5Gb/s12V-2V, +3V25psOptionOption
Model 1205516Gb/s1, 2, or 42V-2V, +3V25psOptionNo
Model 1207030Gb/s1, 2, or 42V-2V, +3V25psOptionNo
Model 1207232Gb/s1, 2, or 4500mV or 1V adjfixed or adj12psOptionNo
Model 1208040Gb/s1500mVfixed12psOptionNo

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  Specifications shown here are typical values. Please refer to the Product Specification Sheets for complete information.