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Pattern Generators
PSPL's PatternPro line of serial data instruments includes a wide range of pattern generators: the 12020, 12050, 12055, 12060, 12070, and 12072. The 12020 functions as pulse/pattern generator while the 12050/55/60/70/72 function as NRZ only pattern generators.

The 12020 offers unique capabilities for serial data testing (e.g. RZ signal generation), and the 12050/55/60/70/72 are focused on higer data rates with programmable frequency, amplitude, delay, user defined patterns, and jitter insertion.

Regardless of your requirement, the PatternPro pattern generators has a model to meet your needs - all at a very attractive price/performance point.

SDG Model 12072
4-channel 32Gb/s Pattern Generator

ModelData RateOutput ChannelsOutput VoltageOutput WindowRisetimeJitt. Inser.SSCSpec
Model 120201.6GHz1 or 22.5V-2V, +3.3V150psOptionOption
Model 1205012.5Gb/s12V-2V, +3V25psOptionOption
Model 1205516Gb/s1, 2, or 42V-2V, +3V25psOptionNo
Model 1206020Gb/s12V-2V, +3V25psNoNo
Model 1207030Gb/s1, 2, or 42V-2V, +3V25psOptionNo
Model 1207232Gb/s1, 2, or 4500mV or 1V adjfixed or adj12psOptionNo
Model 1208040Gb/s1500mVfixed12psOptionNo

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  Specifications shown here are typical values. Please refer to the Product Specification Sheets for complete information.